Surf Coast Little Aths hits the ground running

December 3, 2021 BY

Plenty of kids packed out Torquay College to kick off the launch of Surf Coast Little Athletics. Photos: MARCEL BERENS/SPORTS MEDIA IMAGES

OVER 400 kids and their families made their way to Torquay College on Grossman Road last Saturday at 10:00am for the launch of Surf Coast Little Athletics.

Events such as running (eight per race), throwing, high-jumping and long-jumping took place all over the school’s oval, while parents watched on as their children tackled races and heats with determination and spirit.

The Torquay Lions Club made an appearance as did a coffee van to get the morning kickstarted. There was also a bouncy castle to keep the younger non-participants entertained.

The next meet is this Saturday at Torquay College between 9:00am and 11:30am.

Olympic marathoner Ellie Pashley.