Taking care of Torquay’s surfers

October 15, 2020 BY

Dean Lancaster and Marisa Shanhun out the front of The Surfer's Shed.

COLLABORATION and innovation have allowed four Torquay surf businesses to work complementary under the one roof.

Dean Lancaster, Aaron Dyer, Darren Dickson and Marisa Shanhun have all honed their skills to serve the surf-loving town of Torquay.

Mr Lancaster of Resin Heaven Surfboard Laminates is a surfboard glasser who also repairs boards, Mr Dyer is a surfboard repairer, Mr Disckson of Darren Dickson Surf Boards is a board shaper, and Ms Shanhun of Surfcoast Accessories repairs wetsuits and makes custom board covers.

They all work at a warehouse they have called The Surfer’s Shed.

The quartet has been working out of The Surfer’s Shed for nine years, and Ms Shanhun said it’s a business model they have found mutually beneficial.

“The structure of The Surfer’s Shed is that we’re all individual businesses. There’s not one person that runs the factory, and when any decision has to be made, we all meet together to make the decision.

“We all work under the umbrella of The Surfer’s Shed because all our businesses are surfing related.”

Ms Shanhun said their focus on the surf industry along with all being under the one roof has created an overlap in clientele that was also advantageous.

“It’s quite good because people might come in and go upstairs to order a board to be custom made, and then they can come downstairs and they can see me an order a custom bag and have them both ready at the same time to pick up.

And while they’re there they realise that if they have a repair that’s needed on their board or their wetsuit, they can still come back to The Surfers’ Shed and have everything done at the one place.”

Another convenience the shed’s proximity to Surf City, with some of the surf shops’ staff pointing customers with a specific need towards one of the businesses at The Surfers’ Shed.

The shed is located at 4/10 Baines Crescent.