Taylor Park’s century celebration

June 25, 2021 BY

One hundred years of Taylor Park is set to be celebrated next month.

TAYLOR Park is turning 100 years old with locals to celebrate those who have devoted their time to preserving the attraction. The Torquay park first opened in 1921 in honour of John William Taylor who died on July 3 of that year. Local woman Cheryl Baulch from 'Torquay Museum without walls' has been carrying out research in hopes to uncover the date of the official park opening, which is believed to have taken place shortly after the death of its namesake. As a trustee of Torquay Reserves, Mr Taylor helped to convince the land department not to subdivide the land which to this day remains the site of the park. In a statement by the Friends of Taylor Park the group said the upcoming anniversary of Mr Taylor's death "would seem a good time to celebrate the centenary on the completion of the new landscaping around the duck pond". "In celebration, we will honour the efforts of all those who have contributed to the preservation of the park over the last 100 years." Those set to be honoured include John Taylor, Jack and Alma O'Mara, Margaret Van Rompaey, Eion and Betty Beaton, Viv Berryman, Norma Bath, Spencer Layton, Leslie McQuinn, Peter Doyle and past members of GORCAPA and Friends of Taylor Park. Friends of Taylor Park are yet to confirm the date of the celebration with work on the duck pond still underway.
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