TCH turns attention to local carers

November 29, 2023 BY

TCH administrator Jo Klemke (left) and activities co-ordinator Erin Krusic-Golub are leading the charge on new carers initiatives at the local community house. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

TORQUAY’S community house is drumming up interest for a new walking group for carers on the Surf Coast.

Torquay Community House (TCH) is providing a new and active way for carers on the Surf Coast to connect through its new Walks for Carers initiative.

The initiative entails weekly leisurely walks in Torquay, specifically for carers based in the region to catch up and share insights into the carers industry.

TCH activities co-ordinator Erin Krusic-Golub said there were plenty of benefits to the new walking initiative.

“It’s a great way to get people moving in a social manner, even if it’s just to facilitate connections among our carers.

“It’s a well-known fact movement has several health benefits, but going out for fresh air is also beneficial in its own way.

“We as a house see it as a great way for carers to keep connected through careers that can sometimes be quite difficult.

The walking group is part of the TCH’s plan to introduce a new Neighbourhood Carers Club in 2024.

The group will be a place where carers are welcome anytime for a coffee, a chat and participation in a range of the house’s programs.

Program volunteer, Fiona Evans, has a passion for working with carers and has a history working as a carer herself. She will help lead the new group.

“We’re seeking feedback from local carers to help tailor this program to fit with carers’ needs,” Ms Krusic-Golub said.

“We know that each carer has unique circumstances, and we want to provide opportunities to engage with the club.

“Questions like ‘What do you want to do when you get time away from being a carer? What days and times suit? What are the barriers to you attending?’ can only help us tailor this new group for next year.

“Other Neighbourhood Carers Clubs in the past have hosted social walks, guest speakers, peer support groups, as well as welcoming carers to join creative or mindful programs, learning new skills, or having drop in “fix-it” sessions with legal, tech and advocacy support.”

To provide TCH with feedback for its new walking initiative and carers group, email [email protected] or phone during office hours on 5261 2583.

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