Ticketless parking trial begins in central Geelong

December 5, 2019 BY

Free ticketless parking is now being trialled in central Geelong.

THE City of Greater Geelong is trialling a new parking system the council hopes will lead to better conditions for motorists and business owners.

On Monday, the city started a ticketless parking system enabled by license plate recognition technology and use of the EasyPark app.

The trial will be limited to two-hour parking zones, with people being provided with a free 30-minute period in these zones on weekdays.

Transport and connections portfolio chair Kylie Grzybek said that while the new system might take some time for people to adapt to, it would prove to be the more efficient long-term strategy.

“The new system is a noticeable change and might take our community some getting used to, but we’re confident it will produce a more convenient parking experience.”

“The removal of paper tickets will mean you won’t have to return to your car to put your ticket on the dash. And for those using the EasyPark app, you’ll have the ability to pay only for the exact  length of your stay and to receive reminders when your time’s about to expire. All of these are very handy features that will make parking easier.”

The license plate recognition technology will mean city employees will no longer have to walk from car to car to see if tickets are displayed.

Similar technologies are already being used in Melbourne and Warrnambool.

Despite tickets being removed, printed receipts will still be available.

Cr Eddy Kontelj said the new method would support both local businesses and the environment.

“This is one of this council’s most important initiatives since our election in October 2017 and we are very hopeful it will produce positive results for CBD businesses.

“Eliminating the need to print more than 2.5 million paper tickets will also have a positive result on our carbon footprint. This initiative will also adopt clever and creative technology, which will make parking in the CBD much easier.”

To download the EasyPark app or learn more about it, head to easypark.com.au/en_au.

For general information about the city’s parking innovations, head to geelongaustralia.com.au/parking.