School lunch takes a virtual twist at Torquay College

May 21, 2020 BY

TORQUAY College has launched a new initiative to virtually shorten the distance between staff and pupils.
In a bid to keep face-to-face connection, the college launched “Let’s Do Lunch” which gave students an opportunity to enjoy a weekly virtual lunch with principal Jess Kelly.
The lucky winners received a delicious meal made by Terri who runs the school’s Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, as well as the opportunity to ask a friend to join in and to pick a dress-up theme.
Torquay College principal Jess Kelly said the opportunity to sit down and chat with individual students over a virtual lunch meant she was able to get to know them on a deeper level as well as reminding them how important they are.
“I wanted to remind our community and students that we are here and we miss them, I miss them. A little bit of fun has gone a long way in building our home and school connections.
“Last week’s lucky winner was Year One student Willow, who chose a princess theme and her friend Eve to join us. It was the highlight of my week being able to have a virtual lunch with two students dressed as a princess, it was a special moment that I will cherish during such a challenging time.”
Willow’s mother, Emily, said that her daughter absolutely loved the experience, in particularly getting dressed up.
“It was so nice to have an activity to look forward to. Willow thought Miss Jess looked amazing as a princess. We feel very special to be part of Torquay College community and congratulate the school all on the great job it is doing during a difficult period for all.”
Pupils can register for the experience via Eventbrite with a lucky winner drawn out of a hat during a weekly Facebook Live update each Monday morning.
With a date now set for a return to face-to-face teaching on May 26, the school plans to continue offering this exciting experience with Miss Jess, who is looking forward to connecting and grow with her students, as well as reminding them how important they are individually and to the school community.
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