Torquay Jan Juc Probus Club welcomes new members as restrictions ease

November 21, 2021 BY

ABOVE: Torquay Jan Juc Probus Club members (L to R) Jill Jarvis, Cathy Mathieson, Lyn Field, Gina Favaloro, Gael Wright and Linda Dwyer.

THE Torquay Jan Juc Probus Club, the newest of the Probus Clubs in the Surf Coast area, is expecting to expand as lockdown restrictions ease.

The club was formed in 2018 to accommodate a long waitlist of new local residents hoping to join existing Probus clubs.

In just two years it has become a vibrant community where new Torquay and Jan Juc residents can meet others in their local area and keep active with a range of opportunities organised by the club.

Probus is an association originally started by Rotary but is now a separate organisation, where lively retirees can expand their interests alongside new friends.

According to Helen Day, vice president of the Torquay Jan Juc Probus Club, the club provides a wonderful opportunity to meet new people in your local area, form friendships and get involved in a range of fun activities.

“There is never a week that goes by without having something to look forward to at this progressive young club,” Mrs Day said.

Mrs Day said she joined the club in 2018 despite her concerns she may be too young for an association of retirees and was pleasantly surprised when she discovered a lively community of young retirees.

Caption: Torquay Jan Juc Probus Club members getting amongst the flowers on day trip to Ballarat. L to R: Susan Baldwin, Sue Hall, Pamela Manning, Helen Day, Pam Moore, Geoff Walters, Margot Stevens.

“I now have many friends in the club and feel very connected to my new community.

“I often will see people I know when walking on the beach or at the local shops and cafes.

“I would have felt very isolated during COVID without my Probus friendships and support network.”

There are currently about 60 men and women aged between 60 and 75 in the Torquay Jan Juc Probus.

Ms Day said the group hopes to reach 100 members in the new year.

The Torquay Jan Juc Probus club meets on the third Tuesday of every month, except during December, at 10am at Wurdi Baierr Stadium in Torquay.

Between monthly meetings, the club run numerous activities such as coffee mornings, Happy Hour, lunches, ten pin bowling, table tennis, mahjong, cinema club, and day trips to music and theatre productions in Geelong and Melbourne.

Mrs Day said the list of activities is tailored to members and continues to evolve with the interests of new members.

Those interested in getting involved can email the Torquay Jan Juc Probus club secretary at [email protected] to find out more.

For more information on Probus head to the websites of the Probus Association of Victoria at or Probus South Pacific at

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