Terry Dowel, winner, best car show, 1948, Tucker, Torpedo, Brendan O'Neill, winner, best bike in show, Vincent C 1000cc Rapide

Mighty machines go on show in Torquay

February 13, 2020 BY

THE Rotary Club of Torquay held its 13th Torquay Motor Show on Sunday with a fantastic crowd in attendance.

Thousands of people attended the annual event at the Torquay foreshore to view a widely varying collection of 460 cars and motorcycles, some never seen in the region.

Event organiser Greg Plumridge said he was thrilled with how the show ran.

“We had an incredible turnout of quantity and quality in cars.”

He said this was epitomised by Terry Dowel’s 1948 Tucker.

“It’s the only one in the Southern Hemisphere, to the best of our knowledge. They only ever built 50.”

The event required a lot of volunteer hours from Rotary volunteers, with almost 100 members offering help on the day alone.

However, their efforts were aptly rewarded as the show saw more than $20,000 raised for the to help fund the club’s local, national and international projects.