Lisa Keys and Caroline Taylor.

VICSES members return from ACT

February 13, 2020 BY

A PAIR of South Barwon members of the Victorian State Emergency Services (VICSES) were deployed to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) to help with the bushfires in the region.

South Barwon unit controller Lisa Keys and deputy controller Caroline Taylor both headed up to provide support on Sunday, February 2.

They were sent to undertake road rescue within the bushfire affected area. They were on call 24 hours a day and also helped with ACT Emergency Services Agency (ACT ESA) in managing the staging area, where over 300 vehicles were held.

Ms Taylor said she was pleased to have been part of the large-scale response to the bushfires.

“It was a very busy week and we were really proud to represent the Victorian State Emergency Services there and it was great to work alongside so many other services and volunteers from multiple other agencies.”

Six VICSES volunteers were deployed into the ACT in total.

VICSES deputy chief officer David Baker said this was a highly significant action for the volunteers and VICSES to take.

“This historical VICSES support deployment in the ACT represents the true spirit of emergency services in Australia – the ethos that we look out for each other and go where we are needed.

“We truly do work as one, and that includes across state borders.”

Ms Keys and Ms Taylor returned from the ACT on Friday last week.