Jan Juc's beach is one of the locations for the scavenger hunt.

Virtual scavenger hunt to help families stay active

March 26, 2020 BY

A SURF Coast local has devised an innovative way for people to be active and healthy while staying safe.

Adventure for Life owner Iain Lygo has formed a business that designs virtual scavenger hunts to provide entertainment for parties serve as team-building exercises for various businesses. But now he has designed one that anyone in the Surf Coast can enjoy.

As a parent, Mr Lygo said he understands the need for children to have an activity they can enjoy outside during this time of increasing isolation.

“I’ve got kids who play local sport, and that’s a loss. I know there’s going to be a lot of parents in my situation looking for things to do.

“It gets people out for a bit of exercise and a bit of light-hearted fun in difficult times.”

Participants simply need a phone or tablet to participate in Mr Lygo’s scavenger hunt.

Designed to be about 80 minutes long, it will take people across some of Torquay and Jan Juc’s most picturesque locations.

Participants will have challenges appear on their phones when they walk through designated hotspots.

Challenges will include things such as shooting a video, taking a photo and answering some local trivia.

The scavenger hunt will take people to Jan Juc Beach, Torquay Front Beach, Cosy Corner, Torquay Commons and Bell Street.

Mr Lygo says the scavenger hunt is “designed for a family to go and play it together”. He also emphasised people should not play together if they are not from the same household, to limit the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, as of Wednesday, March 26, Mr Lygo decided to close the game as the federal and state governments advised greater caution with social distancing.