Wall to protect Apollo Bay road from storms

October 11, 2018 BY

EMERGENCY works will create a new rock armour retaining wall to protect the Great Ocean Road at Apollo Bay after recent winter storms caused significant erosion damage to the foreshore.

Member for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney said the works would protect the road from storm surges in the future.

The wall, about 240 metres long, will be built to protect the sections of the Great Ocean Road most at risk – centred on Milford Street – where the distance from the escarpment to the edge of the road is now less than 8 metres.

With support from the Department of Environment, Land and Water Planning (DELWP) and the Otway Coast Committee, Regional Roads Victoria began construction of this wall in early October.

The wall will be built with large basalt rocks, weighing between 1-4 tonnes. They will be carefully placed by excavators to form a barrier that will reinforce the existing escarpment and dissipate the energy of any waves that might reach it.

Once complete, the wall may be hidden within a reconstructed and revegetated sand dune.

Works will be completed in two stages: the 170-metre-long first section, then the remaining 70 metres in November or December.

Next month, DELWP will also lead two community sessions at Apollo Bay to discuss long term strategies and treatments to further address erosion in this area.

Works are already under way on three more rock armour walls near Skenes Creek. More atrisk sites will also receive this treatment in the future.

“The Great Ocean Road is the lifeline for communities along the coast, and we have a responsibility to make sure it’s safe and strong,” Ms Tierney said.

“We’re taking action to build a rock armour wall to protect the road to ensure future generations are able to enjoy it as much as we do.”