World-first manufacturing in Torquay

June 30, 2020 BY

Torquay business Braille Sign Supplies has launched an innovative world-first manufacturing method which changes the way metal Braille and Tactile signs are produced.

Braille Sign Supplies founder Travis Ashford has designed a method to produce Braille and Tactile signs which will greatly improve the health and safety of the blind and vision-impaired people using signs, which he is manufacturing right here in Torquay.

The newly developed patent-pending process, called BrailleFace, manufactures a continuous-faced metal Braille and Tactile sign, which forms the entire sign from one single piece of material instead of the traditional method of machining holes to manually insert Braille beads, and then fixing graphics to the signs for the raised text and images.

With no parts fixed to the sign in any way, the process creates Braille and Tactile Signs that have outstanding durability, superior hygiene properties and are non-combustible.

Of significant importance in high-volume user areas, such as public transport and in the health sector, is the fact there are no engraved parts to the sign, meaning no grooves or crevices for bacteria to harbour.

A continuous-faced Braille and Tactile sign is much easier and quicker to clean. Travis said he always felt this was an important aspect of the old method that needed improving, and in today’s environment in the midst of a global pandemic, it is even more relevant.

Not only is this new method safer for the end-user, it is also a more comfortable sign to use, with no sharp edges or engraved parts that could dislodge over time. The smooth surface makes for improved usability for the vision impaired.

The signs are non-flammable, and vandal resistant. Braille Sign Supplies will not only be the first in Australia to use this technology for signs, but the first in the world.

Despite only just being formally launched, the new manufacturing method is already gaining interest in the Australian market and from a number of countries overseas.

It is an exciting time for the innovative Torquay-based business, who took out two major regional business awards last year.

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