A genuine approach to building a home

October 31, 2019 BY

MJS Built has grown very quickly since Mick Stanley began the business based in Ocean Grove.

Yet despite the business having grown well beyond his own expectations, Mick is determined to continue fostering trusting relationships with his clients.

He said this was crucial to delivering homes that satisfy, as on certain occasions the clients’ intentions can become distorted as they are relayed from person to person, but with MJS Built Mick was there through the whole process.

“My clients like the fact they’re dealing with the builder, and that it’s a collective process.”

Mick looks to give practical advice, ensuring his homes not only hit the brief but were also delivered in a high quality and cost efficient manner as well.

“You need to produce beautiful homes that are easy to live in and enjoyable for years to come. My clients depend on me to provide solutions. They want homes that look great, stand up in our harsh coastal environment and don’t exceed their budget. As a custom builder, I need to deliver that.”

Further ensuring his clients are receiving a personalised service, Mick offers an incredibly genuine approach.

“My clients are understanding that I have a young family. They are a big part of the process. Eden and Teddy are constantly running into client meetings to say hi, it’s pretty cute. Eden loves her site tours.”

He has lived on the Surf Coast and Bellarine since he was four, and is a familiar face in the community. He therefore works with tradespeople and suppliers who are reliable and encourages his clients to get in touch with his suppliers to borrow from their knowledge as well.

Reliability is something of great importance for Mick. He says while he is always happy to innovate and try new things, his default is always methods that are proven.

“I love natural and durable materials like brick, timber and metal. I look to be really transparent in terms of the systems and products I use.”

Mick looks to keep his clients involved throughout the process. He often creates a WhatsApp group and sends his clients a couple of images a week of the building site, keeping them informed of what is going on.

He said this helps ensure his clients do not have to worry about any unknowns.

“If I can establish trust and form a strong working relationship, it gives my clients piece of mind.”