Keep your property under control

July 24, 2019 BY

Flat fee property management packages are more flexible than traditional management.

It can be shocking how quickly your management fees can get away from you.

You initially agree to a percentage and then over the years, as your rent increases, your fees are also raised; and before you know it you are paying hundreds more annually than you originally anticipated.

Local property management agency Property Owners recognised the demand for a fairer and more transparent fee structure, which is what motivated them to pioneer flat fee property management in our region.

These flat fee packages are more flexible than traditional management.

Allowing a more personalised service according to exactly how much you require of your PM. If you are a landlord who prefers to be more hands on, or perhaps you have the perfect low maintenance tenant, then you would be suited to the $50/month management package. This package covers your day to day basics, while enabling to add in ad-hoc services as you require them.

On the other hand, if you would prefer to have everything taken care of, a “set it and forget it” type arrangement, then you may be a match for the full service package at a flat fee of just $100/month.

This fee structure ensures that you can rely on a fixed cost each month, no raised fees as you increase your property’s rent, and it prevents any nasty surprises come EOFY.

Property Owners will be showcased at this year’s ARPM (Australasian Residential Property Management) conference, for their innovative approach to property management.

If you think that flat fee property management could be a good fit for you and your property, you can get in touch with Ji and the team at Property Owners on 0433 915 454 or [email protected].