The Retro look is a nod to old-style luxury, but in a beautifully streamlined way that isn’t fussy or overly embellished. Photos: CARPET COURT/HEATHER NETTE KING

Sophisticated interiors emerge during winter

July 24, 2019 BY

This winter, interiors with a sophisticated, urban edge will come to the fore, according to Carpet Court trend forecasters.

Two standout looks are Retro, which features moody blues, sumptuous textiles and lashings of gold; and Brooklyn – a streamlined, modern take on the industrial trend.

“The Retro look is elegant and urbane, while Brooklyn has more of a New York loft vibe,” says Heather Nette King, Carpet Court’s style ambassador. “But both looks put a focus on colour, texture and layering so they’re perfect for creating that welcoming feel we crave in the cooler months.”

The Retro look is a nod to old-style luxury, but in a beautifully streamlined way that isn’t fussy or overly embellished.

“Think minimalist glam,” Heather says.

“Classic pieces such as tailored sofas and chairs upholstered in luxurious velvets, set against a neutral background to showcase their sleek lines and sexy curves.” The palette is deliberately kept simple – tonal blues, paired with low-key neutrals and highlights of gold.

“Simplicity is the key to making this look work – you’ll notice a distinct lack of pattern,” Heather says. “Seek out classic pieces with clean lines and give them breathing space to shine. Then ramp up the glam factor with accessories such as side tables and mirrors in gold and copper.”

With its raw timbers and exposed detailing, the Brooklyn look is an update on the enduring industrial trend. “Think of it as ‘modern industrial’ – gone are the heavy wrought iron bases and rough hewn timbers the industrial look was known for. Instead the pieces are leaner, more lightweight, and can be layered with natural textures for a fresher, contemporary vibe,” Heather says.

“As it isn’t as ‘hardcore’ industrial, it’s now much easier to create this look – it’ll work just as well in a contemporary space as it will in an older style home, and if you’re not lucky enough to have an exposed brick wall, this look will still work really well set against a white or black painted wall.

“Seek out furniture such as coffee tables and shelving with slender legs and simple lines in mixed materials such as weathered timber and steel. “Scour your local second-hand shop for interesting, salvaged items, such as metal dining chairs or lighting – and don’t worry about the odd nick and scratch as they’ll only add character.

“If you’re worried that the industrial look may appear a little cold, simply add layers to it with soft furnishings in natural textures and warm, earthy hues – think a beautifully aged tan leather sofa, cosy woolen cushions and throws, and a plush pile rug underfoot – all in tones of chocolate, rust, olive and stony grey.”