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Students at Kip McGrath are set meaningful goals and are delivered engaging, high quality lessons tailored to their individualised needs.

At Kip McGrath we truly believe every child can learn; they just need to be taught properly.

By setting meaningful goals and delivering engaging, high quality lessons tailored to a student’s individualised needs, we create confident, independent learners who go on to achieve their highest potential.

Our target customers are students aged 6-16 years who are one to four years behind at school. We call these students our Kip Kids.​​​​​​​

When we meet our students, they typically tell us things such as: ​​​​​​​

  • “I’m struggling with maths”
  • “I’m not as smart as the other kids”
  • “I don’t really get it”
  • “I’m always the last one to finish”
  • “I don’t want to ask, it’s embarrassing.”
  • When parents seek our professional tutoring, the story is often the same:
  • “I’m worried about my child’s progress at school”
  • “I can see my child is struggling”
  • “I want to help”
  • “I want the best for my child”
  • “We need a professional opinion.”

When a student is first introduced to us, we diagnose the issue by carrying out maths and English assessments.

These assessments help us identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, so we can build an individual lesson plan.

Our maths assessment is a summary of what a student should know at the end of each year or grade.

The evaluation has five streams of maths so we can identify the learning gaps and create a lesson plan to accelerate learning.

Our English assessment tests reading, spelling and comprehension. These three tests help us to understand the issues and areas the student is struggling with. With this information, we can build a suitable lesson plan to correct these issues and get the student up to standard.

If you have an “Eager Learner” who understands they have gaps in their learning and want to be tutored, have a desire to learn and become more confident, want to share their success with their parent/guardian and tutor, are keen to improve away from the classroom where they’ve been struggling, then contact Colleen at Kip McGrath Torquay to move forward and achieve great results in 2023.

Head to the website to book an assessment at kipmcgrath.com.au/torquay

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