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June 27, 2022 BY

Kip McGrath Torquay provides tailored assistance to both primary and secondary students.

For more than 40 years, Kip McGrath has helped hundreds of thousands of children improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

Kip McGrath Torquay provides tailored assistance to both primary and secondary students, working through each topic until they have caught up to their year level.

All children are given a free initial assessment to determine what year level they are currently working at, and to identify any learning gaps.
A functionally literate reader is able to read well enough to operate in society, encompassing the level of literacy that enables a person to be trained in technical or trade courses.

This functional reading level is generally considered to be equivalent to the level of reading competency expected of a child aged 9.5 years of age – Year 4.

Unfortunately, many students enrolled recently have experienced learning gaps due to inconsistent attendance at school over the past two years.

Now is the time to boost confidence and competence in Literacy and Numeracy skills with Kip McGrath.

Classes are staffed by qualified teachers at 3.45pm, 5pm and 6pm on weekdays and at 9.30am and 10.45am on Saturdays.

Kip McGrath has limited spaces available for VCE Maths and English students to begin in term three. There is a cut-off date at the end of July to ensure examination skills can be adequately developed.

Book in your child’s free assessment to get started on your Kip McGrath journey. Head to kipmcgrath.com.au/torquay

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