Bill Worrall regatta returns for long weekend

January 26, 2024 BY

Torquay Sailing Club representatives will be out in force at this weekend's Bill Worrall Memorial Coaster, a two-day sailing regatta jointly hosted by Torquay Sailing Club and Anglesea Motor Yacht Club. Photos: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

TORQUAY Sailing Club’s biggest weekend of the year is scheduled to take place over the next 48 hours in partnership with the Anglesea Motor Yacht Club.

World Championship-level wife and husband Torquay sailing duo Georgia and Fletcher Warren-Myers will be among more than 40 Hobey catamarans and other off-the-beach sailcraft out on the water from Torquay to Anglesea in this year’s Bill Worrall Memorial Coaster.

“This event has been running since the nineties, I remember racing in it when I was a kid, it’s been an event down for as long as I can remember and it’s one of sailing’s historic sailing events here on the Surf Coast,” Ms Warren-Myers said.

“It’s an extremely fun event, it’s something different too. It feels like an adventure race, here on the coast with beautiful scenery, and it’s something the whole club looks forward to.

“There’s people out there that only leave Melbourne once a year to sail for this event, so it’ll be good to see them as well.”

The action will be split over two days with the classic Torquay to Anglesea race to take place on Saturday followed by short course racing at Fishermen’s Beach on Sunday.


World Championship-level sailing duo Fletcher and Georgia Warren-Myers will compete in this weekend’s Bill Worrall Memorial Coaster out of their home club in Torquay.


The days may be swapped if weather is more or less favourable on either day.

The coaster record was set by Andrew Keag in 2004 at 22 minutes from Anglesea to Torquay in extremely windy conditions, and has been unbroken in the event’s 30-plus year history.

Georgia and Fletcher have attended multiple World and National Championships, but both mentioned there is still a competitive element to Torquay Sailing Club and Anglesea Motor Yacht Club’s only competitive sailing regattas of the year.

“It’s pretty civil,” Mr Warren-Miles said.

“There’s always a bit of competition among the group, but there are proper sailing instructions, and it is taken seriously.

“We take great pride in this race as there isn’t one like this in the state given the open water nature of the event.

“It should be a lot of fun.”

Head to the Torquay Sailing Club’s Facebook page for more information.

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