Anglesea and Modewarre are among the clubs trying new methods to keep their players active. Photo: PETER MARSHALL

Clubs get creative to keep players fit

April 23, 2020 BY

FOOTBALL teams across the Surf Coast and Bellarine are innovating to keep their players fit while their unable to meet in person.

Drysdale Hawks Football Club set their players a unique target on Saturday, April 18, asking them to work together to run the distance it would take to get from Geelong to Adelaide in a 12-hour period.

The players readily approached the challenge and through Strava ended up going beyond the required distance and accumulating more than 900-kilometres between them.

Drysdale co-coach Daniel Jull said this was part of their work to keep the players fit and connected.

“We’ve provided the players with a few different ideas that vary from running to a few different strength things they can do at home.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, so we’re trying to keep everyone fit but have a bit of fun with it as well. Our players Facebook page is also a way of keeping players in touch with each other and staying connected.”

Similar to Drysdale, many clubs realise that keeping their players physically well is only part of their role

Anglesea Football Club senior coach Paul Nigro said the club is looking to maintain the players’ physical wellbeing as well as providing them with more general support.

“Our primary concern is obviously their welfare and making sure they and their families are safe and well.”

Nigro said while the club is providing various options for players to stay fit, they are allowing them autonomy in how they go about it.

“We’ve got a lot of trust in our guys, we’re a mature aged club and the guys like to be active and doing things. The guys I have spoken to have largely taken in upon themselves to keep themselves well and active. It’s important the guys keep their base.

“We’re certainly not forcing them to do certain things at this point in time, but we’re there for total and full support in terms of their training regime and whatever they need. We’re trying to assist as best we can.”

Modewarre Football Club senior team co-coach Seamus Orr said they are similarly looking to provide players with a range of options to maintain their fitness levels, while also allowing them a degree of independence with how they train.

“We haven’t gone down the path of a structured program, because the May 31 date is still a long way off.”

“We’ve just given them some examples. At the moment we’ve got about six or eight different sessions players can complete.”

Orr said these sessions have different focus, such as aerobics, endurance or interval training.

He said keeping the players connected helps them drive each other.

“The players jump on the Facebook group and post their sessions.

“It means we can celebrate those that go over and above. We’ve got a few really great personalities at the club and they’ll post a session and then tag three or four other guys and tell them ‘you’re up next.’ We definitely feel that element of competition and comradery.”