Leeman's teammates form a guard of honour and chair him off the ground.

Craig “Jacko” Leeman hangs up his boots but spirit lives on

August 8, 2019 BY

ANGLESEA Football Club legend Craig “Jacko” Leeman played his final home game for the club at the weekend.

It is more than four decades since Leeman first pulled on the blue and white jersey at just nine years of age.

Since then he has played more than 500 games for the club and been part of multiple premiership winning sides.

The club has changed much over that time, with Leeman recalling spending much of his early years playing on dirt rather than grass.

But what Leeman feels hasn’t changed is the  spirit.

“The biggest thing is the friendship and the mateship. It’s just one big family.”

The club is family in the more literal sense too, as Leeman has played alongside all three of his sons at various stages.

While the Anglesea reserves weren’t able to celebrate the occasion with a win, Leeman kicked a goal and was named one of the best on ground.

Leeman will continue as reserves coach next season, but says he will (probably) no longer be taking to the field.