Doyle secures heavyweight crown

October 27, 2023 BY

Ryan Doyle with his grandmother Roberta Orlov. Photos: NATHAN RIVALLAND

ANGLESEA’S Ryan Doyle says he’s feeling “on top of the world” after becoming the WBC Muay Thai State Heavyweight Champion.

The Bones MMA fighter defeated Geelong’s Ben Hanns in the title fight, presented by Hardcore Promotions in Melbourne.

In what was a see-sawing affair, Doyle was able to land close to 60 body kicks and show strong form throughout the fight to be determined the winner in five rounds.

Doyle was miraculously able to do so with a broken right hand, and with a damaged foot which he sustained in the second round.

Ryan Doyle is the WBC Muay Thai State Heavyweight Champion.


He said the feeling of being state heavyweight champion still hadn’t sunk in.

“It was a very difficult fight and there was definitely a lot which went into getting the fight up and going.

“The original opponent pulled out twice, and then my mate Ben stepped up who I spar with once a week down here at Bones.

“He knew my strengths and weaknesses and I knew his, so we were well matched.

“The hand was pretty sore putting the gloves on before the fight, but I only threw it once or twice. The game plan was to set up with my left and kick hard with my right.

“I’m just over the moon it all worked out.”

Doyle with Bones MMA co-owner Matt Williams.


Doyle was well supported throughout the fight, with the Bones MMA team and his grandmother Roberta Orlov in tow to watch his every move.

Mrs Orlov hasn’t missed a fight throughout Doyle’s two years of fighting and said she was so proud to see him doing so well.

“I don’t miss his fights.

“I’ve got the clappers, the shirt and the hair and I just try to get everyone up and clapping.

“He’s so determined. He watches his diet, his training and his weight.

“Rain, hail or shine, he’s out there giving it his all and he’s always barefoot!

“I’m just so proud he is my grandson.”

Doyle will be going down to cruiserweight division for his next fight and hopes to get a shot at the title in the near future.

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