Endurance Martial Arts

January 27, 2022 BY

Endurance Martial Arts will run classes at the Leopold Community Centre.

Endurance Martial Arts has its sights set on a new venue and venture at the Leopold Community Hub.

Since 2013 Endurance Martial Arts has offered classes in Torquay and from 2016 has operated full-time.

Taekwondo classes will start in Leopold on February 1, with the first week free for anyone who would like to trial a class.

Classes will be offered to all ages over several different days and time slots to see that each class caters for the correct age level and experience of students. New students need no previous experience to start up and can be aged from 4 years right through to adult.

Endurance Martial Arts head instructor Master Alistair Lawson is very excited for the opening of their new venue.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to spread our classes and teachings to other areas as we are very passionate about offering Taekwondo that covers all aspects of the Martial Art; from realistic, skill based self-defence, precise technique and pattern work and speed and agility work moving towards our competition fighting system,” he said.

Master Al started training in Martial Arts at age 6 and has since represented Australia in competition on a number of occasions as well as traveling and training with a variety of high ranking instructors from all over the world.

Heading their new club will be Senior Instructor Anthony Ainsworth, who has nearly 25 years’ experience in Taekwondo.

“I’m extremely happy to be heading the new club under Endurance Martial Arts as I feel ready to pass on my knowledge and help engage a new generation into the art that I have been connected with for so long,” he said.

As well as his skills in Taekwondo, Mr Ainsworth has a background in community development and child sports development. Holding a degree in Exercise and Health Science, post graduate diploma in Public Health and Society and a certified Health and Life Coaching.

Both Master Al and Mr Ainsworth have enjoyed instructing local Portarlington children during last year’s terms three and four through the Sporting Schools Program. The program enables schools to access grants to have Taekwondo taught for their sport program.

Taekwondo, which originated in South Korea, is a very distinctive striking Martial Art, with a high degree of focus being based on kicks. Using number of technical kicks, target levels and straight facing through to rotating execution of kicks, Taekwondo used it’s legs like boxers would use their hands. Training in Taekwondo is a great way to increase reflexes, agility and flexibility as well as being able to gain confidence, focus and increased discipline towards achieving and setting goals.

Class numbers will be capped due to restrictions, and with the first week FREE it is best to book in to register your interest if you are keen to give it a go.

For further information please contact Endurance Martial Arts via their website at www.endurancemartialarts.com.au.