Lorne’s Ric Addison with a 7 kilogram snapper caught before restrictions.

My Big Catch

May 8, 2020 BY

In a Facebook post, AFTA chair Bob Baldwin said: “Victoria is out of step with the rest of Australia in being the only state to have banned recreational fishing and the impact is being felt across the whole of the recreational fishing sector.”

“While the government has done a commendable job in reducing the spread of COVID-19, now is the time to look at relaxing restrictions on recreational fishing.

“Queensland, NSW and Western Australia have now announced they are implementing further small changes to relax social gathering as they understand recreational fishing helps deal with personal issues of mental health and lack of exercise resulting from self-isolation.

AFTA says there is no logical explanation as to why tennis, kayaking, surf skiing are deemed acceptable exercise and yet recreational fishing is not when all other Australian states provide an exemption for recreational fishing under schedules of “obtaining food” and “exercise”.

“Victoria once held up as the “benchmark state” for recreational fishers has now lost its mantle,” Baldwin said.

“AFTA calls on the Victorian government to immediately allow recreational fishing in Victoria.”

I would also like to remind everyone also to keep those photos coming in of your own big catch!

We will now even take older photos of your big catch previously if they have not yet been published.

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Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports are presently non-existent, because, while the fish are still there, the fishers aren’t.

Restrictions on recreational fishing across Victoria are still totally in place.


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