Brooke Lowe has been announced as the Peninsula Sharks head coach for their inaugural season.

Peninsula Sharks prepare for debut season

February 27, 2020 BY

THE Peninsula Sharks have begun training and are gnashing their teeth in anticipation for the new season.

The team is unique drawing players from Queenscliff, Ocean Grove, Drysdale and Portarlington football clubs as well as people new or returning to the game to form an Under 18 side.

None of the clubs alone had the numbers to form an Under 18 side, meaning without the Peninsula Sharks there would be no bridge for players between Under 15 football and senior football.

Sharks football co-ordinator Jennie Deckker says early signs have been very encouraging.

“We’ve got some girls coming back to football that haven’t played because they haven’t had a team at their clubs.

“That’s the whole purpose of this team, because the girls get to stay members of their clubs and are permitted out to Peninsula Sharks.”

Once the players are old enough or have shown enough quality, they will return to their original clubs to play senior football.

New players will be signed up for a senior club of their choice or can have one selected for them based on their place of origin.

The Sharks will play in AFL Barwon’s Under 18 Female competition and will share home games across the region they draw their players from.

Deckker said she was very pleased to see the clubs collaborating with the team.

“It’s a really different and positive way to keep girls engaged in the sport through their youth.”

The team recently announced Brooke Lowe and is looking for more people to fill various staff roles.

These roles range from a team manager, to trainers and even to people happy to act as runners on the day.

Deckker says they have looked to select staff who promote positive values.

“With the coaching set up our goal was to have really good strong role-models for the girls to oversee their path through football and we’ve been able to achieve that and love the rest to be said for the rest of the roles.”

There is also still a chance for a major sponsor to attach their name to their team.

Those interested in playing or volunteering for the club can contact either Jennie Deckker at [email protected] or Stuart Craven at [email protected].