Bodybuilders are stronger together

November 14, 2019 BY

TORQUAY-based couple Matt Moody and Amanda Bishop recently became Mr and Ms Australia at the National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association Australian Championships.

Moody and Bishop are engaged, with Moody saying he has found training with his partner a great experience.

“I feel fitter now than I did when I was 20. Since being with Amanda, we’ve been training together, it feels like I’ve got a whole new lease of life and I still just want to keep getting better.”

But despite working together, their path to the national titles have been very different.

Bishop only took up bodybuilding a bit over a year ago, while Moody has about 30 years of bodybuilding experience.

It has subsequently been Bishop’s first season competing. She took silver at the Victorian titles and then made some further adjustments to win gold at the nationals.

Moody started this season by winning Mr Melbourne, then won Mr Victoria for both bodybuilding and physique.

Bishop and Moody have completely dedicated themselves to earn these results. Both have full-time jobs, so they start their days with 5am gym sessions and then get back into the gym at about 8pm or 9pm. They then prepare their meals for the following day, six to eight in total.

A sports nutritionist and personal trainer, Moody said it was a significant commitment.

“You’re either all in or you’re not.”

Despite all the pair has achieved, Moody says they are still eager to accomplish more.

“Our next goal is to go the Universe in Italy next year in June.”

In the months before this, the couple are opening a new personal training studio in Ocean Grove, and competing in the International Titles and somewhere in between are also getting married.