Tackle Your Feelings offering online workshops

May 10, 2020 BY

TACKLE Your Feelings has started running online sessions to help community football clubs improve the wellbeing of their players and staff during lockdown.

The program looks to equip staff and senior players with the skills to help others at their clubs with their mental health.

Prior to the season the program was to be delivered to selected clubs through a mixture of in person workshops and online activities. However, they have recently begun holding their workshops online too.

The program is also looking to provide advice specifically for the current situation.

Tackle Your Feelings program psychologist Luke Jankie said the social benefits football clubs provide their players are now particularly crucial, despite players and staff being unable to gather in person.

“Given the nature of the obstacles in front of us, social connection, physical activity and practical structuring are now just as important as ever.”

Jankie said there are many ways clubs can keep their players socially connected and physically active.

“A great way to remain connected and stay active with your teammates and coaches is through group video training sessions or exercising in pairs.

“Yoga classes, pilates sessions and countless other forms of exercise have already been transformed onto online platforms, so join in on a class and workout with others from the comfort of your own home.”

In addition to maintain player fitness, coaches are encouraged to simply “check-in” with their players regularly to see how they are coping.

Jankie said providing players with certain challenges to compete against one another in can also help keep them motivated.

“Structure is a key component in driving motivation and behaviour – so establishing some club-wide challenges can be a fun way to push some extra buzz around engagement.”

But clubs should also be mindful that their reach goes far beyond their players and staff.

Jankie states that present circumstances offers an opportunity to draw attention to club people who often work behind the scenes.

“Football clubs have always been about a lot more than just the sport. Often sporting clubs represent a community and act as a hub through which people can connect.

“All clubs have incredible characters within their four walls, and regular interview series are a great way to showcase some of those people to the broader community and fan base.”

Coaches wanting to learn how to best manage their players’ mental health can register for the program at tackleyourfeelings.org.au/.