Agnes Emma-Nnopu in action for Australia.

Taekwondo students kick on

November 21, 2019 BY

TORQUAY-based Endurance Taekwondo recently saw several of its junior trainees compete in the Victorian Taekwondo Inter Club Competition.

The tournament is one of the biggest in the state, with about 25 taekwondo clubs taking part.

The martial arts school had 13 participants aged between six and 15 involved in the event.

Endurance Taekwondo instructor Alistair Lawson said the relaxed nature of the tournament made it great for introducing people to a competitive form of the martial art.

“It gives people that first footstep into the competition for the field. It’s a really nice, organised, friendly style competition to give people some experience moving forward.

“But you also had some of the state and national champs as well. It was good for some of the younger, less experienced competitors to see what they can aspire to be.”

They had people competing in regular sparring training, team sparring and patterns.

Earlier in the year, Mr Lawson decided to rebrand his martial arts school as Endurance Taekwondo, giving him more freedom to teach his students a range of skills such as those they exhibited at the competition.

He said seeing the students develop had been “just amazing”.

Endurance Taekwondo has classes for people of various ages and skill levels. They also allow people to have a free trial session.

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