THE SANDS TORQUAY – January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019 BY

Wednesday January 16: Par off the White Tees for the Men in today’s competition; 90 golfers hit the course in nice weather, which made for some excellent scores in all three grades. A Grade title went to Mark Moloney (9) from Northern Golf Club, who closed out his round on a great score of +5, closely followed by Daryl Kitchin (4) on +4. In B Grade, another visitor showed the locals how it’s done, with Ballarat Golf Club member John Bartlett (13) ending his round with the highest score of the day, +7. Paul Beighton (13) was the runner up, finishing on +5. C Grade saw Brian Walsh (23) outlast his opponents on +4, with Tom Munro (28) close by on +2. The ball pool for the ran down the line to +1, with Tom Munro (7th hole, 1.81m) and Angus Boyd (17th hole, 1.60m) take home the nearest to pins.

Thursday January 17: Ladies Opening Day, and it brought out eight teams for Irish 4BBB. Muggy, overcast conditions didn’t dampen the excitement of being back on the course again. It was Eva Chappell, Kerry Bond, Christine Brackin and Jules Haddock taking home the winners title, finishing up their rounds on a total of 118 points. Mandee Trevena, Andrea Harvey, Marg Parsons and Norma Schultz were next best with a score of 113 points. Nearest to the pins went to Jan Swain (5th hole) and Sharon Stewart (13th hole).

Saturday January 19: Blue Tee Stableford for the Men’s competition. Great conditions for golf brought out over 120 players, leading to a three graded competition. A Grade winner was Geoff Caddy [9] whose score of 39 points was enough to get past Peter Cottam’s [4] final score of 37 points. It was a hotly contested B Grade, with Paul Hedley [17] taking home first place with a score of 38 points. Hayden Coles [20] was the runner up on the day finishing on 37 points. C Grade produced the highest score of the day, thanks to Trevor Wilson[24], who scored a dominate 43 points. Next best was Damian Chester [21]
on 37 points. The ball pool ran down the line to 35 points, with Chris Coutts (5th hole, 0.74m), Geoffrey Proposch (7th hole, 2.05m), Peter Nolan (13th hole, 0.60m) and Sean Dummett (17th hole, 5.52m) taking home the nearest to pins. Finally,
congratulations to Peter Cottam who managed to Eagle the Par-4 10th hole. Great effort Pete! Red Tee Stableford for the Ladies competition. Gaile Kruger (23) was the dominate winner, closing out her round on a massive 41 points! Jan Selvay (29) was the runner up on 36 points. The ball pool ran down the line to 30 points, with Karen Lombardi (5th hole) taking home the nearest to pin.

Sunday January 20: Medley- (Blue and Red Tees) – Alex Harris (33) recorded score of the day with 44 points from Phil Purdy (34) on 37 points. Balls ran down to 33 points. Black tee final today in perfect conditions, Matt Chalmers (11) recorded 34 points to take out the series.