THE SANDS TORQUAY – May 02, 2019

May 2, 2019 BY

Wednesday April 24 – Stableford Medley (White and Yellow Tees). Great conditions today for the Medley Stableford competition played off the front tees. J McKoy [6] 41 won A grade from usual playing partner J Treloar [12] 38. Grade B was won by B Fuller [29] 41 from R Licheni [18] 39. Nearest the pins went to D Crawford (7th) and L Bullock (17th).

Thursday April 25 – Stableford Medley (Blue and Red Tees). Good conditions early before the wind picked up in the afternoon, Grade A was won by L Muller [2] 40 from R Siketa [+2] 33. Grade B was won by S Finnigan [13] 39 from N Kerr [15] 36. Grade C was won by J Haddock [43] 40 from M Zahra [26] 36.

Saturday April 26 – 4BBB Stableford (Blue and Red Tees). Medley 4BBB Stableford was played in tough conditions with strong winds throughout the day. B Gilligan [7] and J Swain [19] 45 won the comp from S Troon [16] and C Willian [10] 44. Nearest the pins went to C Bell (5th), D Parker (7th), B Bourke (13th) and D Parker (17th).

Ladies division was won by A Harvey and M Bridgart 42 from M Hales and L Hyett 38. Nearest the pin went to K Lombardi (5th).

Sunday April 28 – Windy conditions for today’s Par Medley competition. The winner today was Frank Cirillo with a score of +2.

Coming events
Thursday May 2 – Ladies Stroke (Medal Red Tees)
Saturday May 4 – Men Stroke (Medal Blue Tees) Ladies Stableford Red Tees
Sunday May 5 – Stableford Medley (White and Gold Tees)