Torquay Tigers Best and Fairest winners named

November 11, 2021 BY

Senior Netball Best and Fairest winner Jess Standfield next to Senior Football Best and Fairest winner Cal Currie at Spring Creek Reserve. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

THE Torquay Tigers have named their Best and Fairest players across all their senior sides in both football and netball after holding the annual awards night on Saturday.

Footballer Cal Currie and netballer Jess Standfield emerged as the club’s first team Best and Fairest recipients finishing with 238.5 votes and 45 votes respectively in the two teams’ counts.

“We just hadn’t had the opportunity to have the normal awards night that we usually have, but we really did have a great season in both sports,” club president Jenny Wood said.

“It is what it is, but it’s good to recognise the players for their efforts and now the winners will be in our history books too.”

Three-time Les Ash Medal winner James Darke finished just two votes behind Currie in a scintillating finish to the count, while the side’s leading goal kicker Lucas Anderson (56) ranked third with 229.5 votes.

“Saturday provided a bit of a full stop and a bit of closure on a challenging year,” Currie said.

“With preseason right around the corner, we’ll all be running around again soon and with pretty much everyone signing on again for next season it feels like there’s a bit of unfinished business.

“It’s safe to say that everyone is keen to get back into it.”

Closely following the top three were Tom Diamond (227.5 votes) and Pierson Bennett (226.5).
Netball’s Jess Standfield was the clear-cut favourite to take out the club’s Best and Fairest considering she was also named the Bellarine Netball League’s Best and Fairest this season.

Standfield piled on the votes Saturday night with a staggering total of 45, while teammate Rhian Moresi was the honourable runner-up with 28 votes.

“It was really great to be able to celebrate the season together on the back of our season which was so disjointed,” Standfield said.

“It was good to see some recognition of other players as well, especially those who have been supporting us this season from the sidelines.

“Players like Anna Carty and Maddy Martin spring to mind.”

Standfield and Currie are both excited to get 2022 underway with nothing less than a premiership on their minds.

In the football reserves Connor Williamson finished the night with 189.5 votes and claiming the second team’s top individual honour.

Hugh Darke lodged 185 votes and Chad Grossman tallied 184.5 to finish second and third. Georgia Downward (56 votes) took out the netball reserves Best and Fairest and Claudia Masek (35 votes) followed closely behind.

The remaining Best and Fairest winners for netball included C Grade’s Rebecca Cottrell (34 votes), D Grade’s Tess Bramham (34 votes), E Grade’s Cassie Altimari (34 votes) and the Under 19’s Jordyn Brown (30 votes).

“All in all, it was a really good day, it was a great outcome for Cal and Jess, and now we are ready to go for 2022,” Wood added.

“We’re re-signing players at the moment and I’m looking through photos as we speak to do some social media, so it’s really exciting with most of the players coming back next season and we are chomping at the bit to resume play.”

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