Torquay Tornadoes blow opposition away on path to premiership

August 29, 2019 BY

A LOCAL junior hockey side won the premiership after an emphatic win in their final game on the weekend.
Torquay Tornadoes Under 10 earned a 9-0 victory over Kardinia to secure their position at the top of the ladder.
Coach Georgina Sayer said she was not only pleased the side had won the premiership, but pleased with the way in which they won it.
“It is a great result to finish on top of the ladder and win the Premiership. The style of play that the team played was fun, fast, lots of running and sharing the ball around,” said Sayer.
“They were an absolute pleasure to coach. The sideline was full of positive parents and grandparents enjoying watching our community club and their kids flourish.”
The team had an equal number of boys and girls.
They ensured that everyone got a fair amount of time on the ground, putting participation and inclusion above winning.
Yet winning is something happening a lot at the Torquay Tornadoes Hockey Club, as they have sides in the finals in the Under 12, Under 14, Under 17, Division 2 Women, Division 1 Women and Division 1 Men leagues.