Bringing your project to life

June 23, 2023 BY

The DMB Signs team.

The DBM Signs team of five brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your signage requirements.

We pride ourselves on being able to listen to our clients’ needs and work towards a shared goal.

When deciding on your next branding, DBM Signs will work with you through the whole process, making sure your design is correct, colours have been accurately interpreted and materials have been sensibly chosen. Furthermore, your timeline is always a consideration and will be made a priority by our team.

Since purchasing the business two-and-a-half years ago, owner Simon Power has invested heavily in new equipment. “When you have an incredible space and an extremely talented group, it makes sense your equipment is state of the art,” he said.

With the closing of Torquay Hire and Steel, Simon is taking it one step further, by purchasing his own scissor lift. “Not only will I no longer have to drive into Geelong to hire a scissor lift, it will now be available for the community to hire… a brand-new, beautiful scissor!”

Some eye-catching projects worth consideration are full wallpaper installations. This type of install can be completed with textured canvas vinyl or a smooth matt finish, sure to bring any room to life.

When Simon was asked what jobs he has liked recently, he said: “We have particularly enjoyed our window installations of late, both internal and external. The light can play beautifully on the finished surface, especially when we’ve chosen the right vinyl. Of course our sticker runs for local companies is always great to see, be it on cars or packaging around town.”

DBM Signs is not just about printing something and sending you on your way. Making sure you are comfortable and your project has come to life the way you want it is the DBM Signs approach, to make sure the relationship continues for time to come.

Come and talk to the team on Haystacks Drive.

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