Competition Terms and Conditions

November 13, 2023 BY

Competition Terms and Conditions – Times News Group

  1. General Competition Rules

1.1 Times News Group (referred to as “TNG”) operates competitions from time to time pursuant to which prizes of money or other property are made available to eligible persons (“TNG Competition”).

1.2 These rules outline who is eligible to enter a TNG Competition, how prizes will be awarded, and how they may be claimed (“General Competition Rules”). In addition to the General Competition Rules, other specific terms and conditions may apply to particular TNG Competitions (“Specific Competition Rules”). Any Specific Competition Rules applicable to a TNG Competition will be posted on (“Website”) and available upon request from TNG reception during normal business hours.

1.3 To the extent that there is an inconsistency between the General Competition Rules and the Specific Competition Rules, the General Competition Rules prevail.

1.4 A person who enters a TNG Competition agrees to be bound by: (a) the General Competition Rules; and (b) the Specific Competition Rules.

  1. Conduct of Competitions

At all times, a TNG Competition will be conducted by TNG in its absolute discretion, including decisions on eligibility and prize allocation. TNG’s decisions are final and conclusive.

  1. Eligibility

3.1 Any person may enter a TNG Competition, except for the following: (a) a person who has previously submitted an entry in that particular TNG Competition; (b) an employee, officer, servant, agent, or associate of TNG or its related bodies corporate; (c) a direct family member of a person referred to in paragraph (b); (d) a person who is not ordinarily or usually resident in Australia; (e) a person who has refused to provide all or any of the Personal Information requested by TNG; (f) a person who, within the specified periods, has won prizes of certain values in previous TNG Competitions; (g) a competitor of TNG or any of its related bodies corporate; (h) an employee, officer, servant, agent, or associate of a person referred to in paragraph (g); (i) a direct family member of a person referred to in paragraph (h); (j) any other person or class of persons prescribed by TNG in any Specific Competition Rules.

3.2 For the purposes of clause 3.1, a “person” means a natural person.

3.3 A person described in clauses 3.1: (a) has no entitlement, right, or interest in the TNG Competition for which they are ineligible; (b) will be required to return, refund, or otherwise make restitution of any prize awarded to them.

  1. Competition Entries

4.1 TNG may accept entries in a TNG Competition by various means, including telephone, email, SMS, and through the Website.

4.2 TNG may prescribe the means by which it will accept entries in a particular TNG Competition in any Specific Competition Rules. TNG is under no obligation to accept entries by any or all of the means described.

4.3 A person enters a TNG Competition by connecting by telephone, transmitting a facsimile, sending an email, SMS, or submitting an entry form via the Website.

4.4 A person who enters a TNG Competition may be required to participate in promotional activities selected by TNG for its benefit.

4.5 TNG has the right to use any materials generated during promotional activities and any other material in any medium and manner it sees fit.

4.6 TNG Competition entries and materials submitted are the property of TNG, and TNG may use them as it sees fit.

4.7 TNG may publicize the name, character, likeness, statements, or recordings of a person who enters a TNG Competition for advertising or promotional activities.

4.8 In the event of technical issues during a TNG Competition, TNG may disqualify the relevant person and award the prize to another person.

4.9 A person entering a TNG Competition releases and indemnifies TNG from liability arising out of prize acceptance or competition participation.

  1. Prizes

5.1 Prizes in a TNG Competition will be awarded at TNG’s absolute discretion, subject to clause 2.

5.2 To claim a prize, the person must meet specified conditions and demonstrate eligibility to TNG’s satisfaction.

5.3 If a person is below the lawful age for prize enjoyment, TNG may, at its discretion, award the prize to the winner’s lawful parent or guardian.

5.4 All prizes must be collected within 3 months, or as specified in the Specific Competition Rules.

5.5 Prizes must be claimed in person from TNG’s operating headquarters unless advised otherwise by TNG.

5.6 TNG may elect to deliver a prize by post or courier in exceptional circumstances, with no responsibility for delivery safety.

5.7 A winner may nominate a representative to collect a prize, subject to written authorization and identification.

5.8 If a winner fails to collect or accept a prize, they relinquish all rights, and TNG may handle unclaimed prizes at its discretion.

5.9 The winner may be required to sign relevant documents and execute a Deed of Release and Indemnity.

5.10 Prizes are not transferable, must not be redeemed for cash, and must be used as directed by TNG.

5.11 The winner is responsible for any taxes payable as a result of receiving a prize.

  1. General

6.1 TNG may enforce or disregard the General Competition Rules and Specific Competition Rules at its absolute discretion.

6.2 TNG reserves the right to consider itself bound by these rules as it sees fit and in its absolute discretion.

6.3 TNG may extend, vary, or terminate any TNG Competition at any time in its absolute discretion.

6.4 These rules may be varied by TNG at any time.

  1. Interpretation

Terms used in this agreement are to be interpreted according to common law and applicable laws in Australia.

  1. Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

8.1 The General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws applicable in the State or Territory of the radio station running the competition.

8.2 Participants agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.