Good enough for our family, great for yours

September 18, 2019 BY

Alex Lemmon and Rebecca Lewis are changing the used car industry.


At Ballarat Car Sales, we believe that buying a car should be an exciting experience and we want to change the perceptions you may have around used car dealerships.

WE promised ourselves when we started that, “We would only sell cars that we would sell to our own family!”

Ballarat Car Sales is the creation of local businesswoman Rebecca Lewis and experienced sales professional Alex Lemmon. The vision was to create an independent car sales business that broke the stereotype so often associated with second-hand cars. With their extensive experience in business, finance and car dealerships, Bec and Alex truly know the market and understand what people want from a car.

They carefully select all of their stock to ensure it can meet their promise of high-quality cars and ensure the entire buying experience as easy and comfortable as possible. In fact, they want to impress you so much that you’ll be happy to recommend them to family and friends! They understand the community wants and deserves reassurance when buying from a Ballarat car dealer. That’s why it’s their mission to provide you with the very best car — complete with their own two-year warranty!

Having recently won the MatchWorks Retail Business Award for 2019 at the Federation Business School Commerce Ballarat Business Excellence Awards, Ballarat Car Sales loves being part of their wider community. They’re extremely proud to be doing their part to offset their carbon footprint as well – partnering with Fifteen Trees to support local vegetation and regeneration by having a tree planted for every car they sell, and every car they service. These trees are funded and donated by Ballarat Car Sales, planted by the local community and environmental groups and supplied by local plant nurseries.

Bec, Alex and the team at Ballarat Car Sales enjoy being so ingrained in their community, so if you’re looking for your next car, head down and visit them at 426 Sutton Street, Ballarat, or check them out online at ballaratcarsales.com.au.