Get them doing their do at GymbaROO

September 11, 2019 BY

For Maddox GymbaROO is fun, active and teaches skills for a healthy, happy life.

Running, jumping, bouncing, crawling, climbing, throwing, spinning, tapping, singing, dancing. These are all the things that our little mister gets to do for fun at GymbaROO Ballarat!



WHAT he doesn’t realise, is that as much as he is having fun, he is also learning and developing his skills at the same time, win-win I reckon.

I quickly came to understand that this wasn’t going to be just some chaotic play time with a few toys and kids running wild, it would be specially formulated to work on specific skills and developmental aspects of babies and toddlers, and most importantly it would be fun. And I haven’t been disappointed.

GymbaROO offers programs for bubs, through to pre-schoolers like Max.

We initially started when the little man was crawling and sitting, and he just loved it. The bright colours, the singing, dancing and crawling and climbing on the equipment. And now that he’s walking, he loves it even more. I can really see his true nature come out when we are in the class.

He loves to watch the instructors, observe what they are doing and try to copy them. It has been sooo educational for me too. I have learned that bobbing is the first step before jumping, so the action of bobbing to the music or to bob up and down on the trampoline is what helps lead to jumping! Awesome!

Each week we go home with a little flyer and an email about the activities we have done in the class with a full explanation of how they are helping our little people to develop and grow. The staff really do know their stuff!

GymbaROO is without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made for my child.

Enrolments now open to sign your child up to our Australian research and designed, award winning programs at GymbaROO Ballarat. For a limited time GymbaROO Ballarat is running an offer for new families of $140 dollars for the term, which has the value of ten classes for the price of seven. 

Contact us at [email protected], and we’d love to find you the perfect class for your child.