Janine Trainor, Russell Trainor and Lauren Burn - Taekwondo Olympic gold medallist from the 2000 Sydney games.

New facility for Taekwondo school

May 22, 2019 BY

Trainor Taekwondo and Self Defence Academy specialise in the teaching of effective self-defence and Olympic sport Taekwondo competition skills in a responsible, safe class environment.

THEIR classes promote respect and personal health and wellbeing and foster an attitude of personal growth and development.

Recently, Trainor Taekwondo have opened a new purpose-built facility at 16 Gregory Street West, Wendouree, assisted by The Shed company Trainor’s principle instructors, Janine and Russell Trainor, have combined their passion and expertise in Taekwondo with their professional training as schoolteachers to develop a range of programs to suit all ages and levels of ability Janine and Russell skills and ability mean that the intrinsic value of Trainor Taekwondo’s programs goes well beyond instruction in the martial arts.

Their 10-step program to Black belt becomes a personal development experience where students develop a lifelong interest in personal health and fitness, a can-do attitude towards achieving personal sporting or career goals, and an enhanced sense of person safety and confidence.

Janine and Russell oversee all programs and each class has at least two coaches.

All coaching staff are of the highest moral standards first and foremost.

The Trainor’s have developed a unique teaching philosophy within martial arts that promotes traditional values of discipline and personal achievement in a class environment that nurtures the achievement of each individual student.

Trainor Taekwondo prides itself on being the most professional and successful martial arts school in central and western Victoria.

The school welcomes new members seeking to gain professional martial arts instruction by a student focus environment.

For more information phone Janine on 0418 448 111 or Russell on 0438 448 111 or visit trainortaekwondo.com.