Defibs rolled out at WDEA Works

October 15, 2021 BY

Complete: Jason Putt and Samantha Wright with one of the 24 newly installed defibrillators at WDEA Works. Photo: SUPPLIED

DISABILITY employment support service WDEA Works has completed a rollout of twenty-four automated external defibrillators to their offices ahead of Restart a Heart Day this Saturday, 16 October.

The day is recognised around the world and aims to equip people with the knowledge they need to help someone in cardiac arrest, including how to perform CPR.

WDEA Works’ defibrillators have been installed at each of their full-time sites and can be accessed by both workers and members of the public.

First aid trainer and assessor with the organisation Kristine Zimmer said the company felt it was important to make the potentially lifesaving devices more accessible.

“As a provider of CPR training, WDEA Works know the importance of access to an AED in the instance of sudden cardiac arrest,” she said.

“It makes sense that, as an organisation who is dedicated to the health and safety of our staff and our communities, we install AEDs.”

The company has also registered the locations of each device with emergency services so they can be used to help one of the 30,000 people across Australia and New Zealand who go into cardiac arrest away from a hospital each year.

“The best part about the AEDs is that they are self-explanatory, we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable and empowered should they ever find themselves in the unfortunate event of needing to administer first aid to a cardiac arrest casualty,” Ms Zimmer said.

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