Frolic Fest to meet new members

July 1, 2022 BY

Pride: Frolic Festival was last held in November, 2021. Photo: SUPPLIED

WITH this year’s iteration cancelled, the organisers behind queer pride event Frolic Festival are looking to introduce themselves to potential members.

An online Q&A session is slated for Monday, 4 July via Zoom, with the aim of garnering interest for an advisory board following a reshuffling of the core team.

Although initially seeking to regrow their organising crew, festival director Jay Morrison said he hopes the session will help manage people’s expectations for what the advisory role will entail.

“Community members can be hesitant to get involved in this sort of thing. They might see it as too much so we’re wanting to explain to them exactly what we’re after,” he said.

“What I want to stress to people is we’re really accessible and considerate of the things people have going on in their lives.

“We encourage people from all walks of life whether they have kids, whether they’re younger or retirees, whatever, to apply because we’ll facilitate their engagement.

Mr Morrison will host the event which will introduce the team to attendees and let them know what they’re about before opening up for questions.

An in-person Q&A may follow, and interviews will begin in August with an introductory event for the new board planned for later in the year.

Those who join will be expected to give four to 8 hours a month, and the organisers are seeking people with experience in legal, communications and government roles.

Mr Morrison said their focus is on “building the right team” rather than reaching a cap of members.

“We have the skills to organise events but we need the support in some of the foundation work we’re doing to keep things running,” he said.

“We know there’s people in the community who want to help us but don’t have the event management skills, so this gives them the opportunity to do so.”

For more information and to register attendance, visit bit.ly/3y1KI3M.