Rotary building named for club

May 27, 2022 BY

Open: Rotary Club of Ballarat South held their naming ceremony for Rotary Place earlier this month. Photo: SUPPLIED

THE Rotary Club of Ballarat South recently unveiled its new community space named Rotary Place after a two-year delay.

The building had been previously used as a storage shed by the club, who were given ownership by Wendouree Apex in 2016.

Rotary Place will now serve as a space for community meetings and functions, which RCBS president Gary Morgan said is “now warm and comfortable.”

“What was basically a tin shed has been extended. We’ve done up the kitchen and have added in all-new facilities,” he said.

“It served its purpose for its time but it’s great to be able to have another space the community can call its own, because this isn’t just for Rotary, it’s for all non-profit groups.”

With initial plans to unveil Rotary Place in early 2020, an opening ceremony was held earlier this month with guests including City of Ballarat mayor Daniel Moloney, Rotary International board director Jessie Harman, and Group 8 Rotary Clubs district governor John Clue.

Updates to the building were made possible through a $12,000 grant from the City of Ballarat alongside donations provided by community members.

Much of the plumbing, electrical work and construction was carried out by Rotarians and the community in kind, and Mr Morgan said Rotary Place embodies the spirit of a shared community endeavour.

“That’s where the community comes together to build the community facilities, and that’s what I really like about this building,” he said.

“When you get that spirit going, it’s amazing what you can do. This truly is a wonderful facility by the community for the community and it’s getting more and more use all the time.”