Timely reminder to check home heating

April 22, 2021 BY

Safety first: the CFA is waning that heaters can cause fires if not properly attended to. Photo: FILE

THE CFA are reminding people to check their in-home heating and brush up on fire safety knowledge as temperatures begin to drop across the state.

All heating appliances like electrical and gas-powered units, open fires and even portable heaters can potentially cause one of the 3000 housefires each year in Victoria, according to CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan.

“Every household should consider their fire safety practices and examine the potential risks around their home,” he said.

“Many residential fires that result in fatalities or serious injuries start in lounge and sleeping areas. Remember to never leave portable heaters and fireplaces unattended and turn off heaters before leaving the room.

“Another dangerous mistake people make is drying clothes near heaters and fireplaces. Clothes should be kept at least one metre from the heat source,” he said.

Households should also check their smoke alarms are in working condition, while those with gas heating should have their appliance serviced every two years by a professional.

“There should be no greater reason to have your gas heater inspected and serviced than to ensure the safety of loved ones,” Mr Heffernan said.

More household fire prevention information can be accessed on the CFA website at cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare/fires-in-the-home.