Having a lift installed is less expensive and stressful than moving to a single-level home. Photos: SUPPLIED

Going up has never been easier

August 8, 2019 BY

Compact Lifts are quick to install, simple to use and come packed with features that take the hassle out of tricky stairs.

INSTALLING a residential lift no longer means you’re looking at a sky-high bill and major building works to future-proof your home.

The experts at Compact Home Lifts can install a lift in a matter of weeks which is a superior turnaround in comparison with having a more expensive and labour-intensive hydraulic elevator installed.

“Our lifts are relatively inexpensive and easy to install because of their small footprint and the minimal building work needed in preparation for installation,” said company co-founder Daniel Mawson.

The firm offers two models, the Elegance, which can carry two people; and the Elegance Plus, a larger model built to accommodate a wheelchair or walking frame.

A Compact Home Lift has a small footprint and does not require a lift shaft.

“There’s no need for any special power requirements. Preparation work can be done in a day or two, with installation taking another few days,” Mr Mawson said.

“Comparably, a pricier hydraulic lift takes six months on order from Europe, requires a lift shaft with a separate room to be built for the drive system to house all the pumps, wiring and additional equipment associated with bulky and cumbersome hydraulic lifts – and it takes several weeks to install.”

Maree O’Chaffell, 68, was delighted with the quick and professional service she received from Compact Home Lifts.

“My lift was easy to install; there was a fixed price so I knew exactly what I was up for, and it has added value to my new home,” said Mrs O’Chaffell, who has arthritis in the knees and uses her lift up to 30 times a day, bypassing 18 stairs. “As a bonus, my knees have been the best they have ever been.”

Designed to strict Australian lift code AS1735.15, Compact Home Lifts’ safety features include a built-in load sensor, imbalance safety switches, emergency stop switch, concealed mobile phone, pressure safety edge switches and battery back-up system in case of a power outage.

Mr Mawson said the main market for a home lift is among over-55s. There are many reasons why people choose to install one of his company’s lifts and 90 per cent are installed in existing homes.

“People who are future proofing their homes, can no longer manage the stairs safely and people with disabilities or injuries are Compact Home Lifts customers,’’ he said.

“Because of their unique and space saving design, these lifts can virtually be installed anywhere in existing properties as well as being specified into new builds.”

Compact Home Lifts have a small footprint and do not require a lift shaft. The firm has an in-house professional building service, expert installation team and service technicians.

GST is waived on both the Elegance and Elegance Plus models if a customer qualifies under the provisions of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.