All ages: 11-year-old Hannah Morvell competing for Learmonth in Division 8 against City Oval on Saturday. Photo: MICHELLE TAIT

Big V tops table

October 16, 2019 BY



VICTORIA had a convincing three rink win over Mt Xavier and are the ladder leaders. Sebastopol secured a four-shot victory over BMS 69-65.  Ballarat also had a four-shot win defeating Buninyong 71-67 and now find themselves third on the ladder. Central Wendouree narrowly defeated Learmonth 78-75 and Webbcona were victors over Creswick 77-63, placing them second on the table.

Victoria 106 defeated Mt Xavier 55

C Ford 47 def P Morris 12. S Haynes 26 def P McGrath 25. J Thomas 33 def D Lamb 18.

Sebastopol 69 defeated BMS 65

F Reus, S Topp, J Garvin, A Holland 26 lt W Mason, L Trounce, Andrew Bedggood, W Whitehead 24. S Bottrell, N Sutherland, B Carter, I Warner 35 def D Schreenan, D Lindsay, S McLean, M Sloper 29. W Matthews, J Cameron, I Hedger, A Jones 28 lt D Vagg, R Dickinson, D Berry, R Bedggood 22.

Ballarat 71 defeated Buninyong 67

B Fothergill 17 lt B Wilcock 22. Z Stewart 23 drew G Simpson 23. W lenneke31 def M Storey 22.

Learmonth 75 lost to Central Wendouree 78

F Lennecke, A McCormack, G Plier, R Powell 33 def  T Weatherly, B Adams, J Adams, T Gutteridge 20. C Findlay, B Pym, M Casey, D Kelly 23 lt R Bolton, J Nimmo, L Vincent, C Wright 27. C Powell, M Powell, B Rowe, D Pike 19 lt Kerry Watts, I Forbes, Kim Watts, C Johnson 31.

Webbcona 77 defeated Creswick 63

B McArthur 25 def E Huntley, R Cooper, T Blackburn, T Hedger 20. L McArthur 32 def A Penrice, M Booth, G Antonio, A Annear 18. T Lange 20 lt D Taylor-Irwin, S Pope, S Hepworth, G Flapper 25.



City Oval are in top spot after defeating Midlands 117-67 while Linton are sitting third after winning 114-75 against Smeaton. Avenue had a narrow win over Sebastopol 94-89 and Beaufort were victorious against Webbcona 88-84. Waubra defeated Ballarat East 88-82 and are now second on the ladder.

Midlands 67 lost to City Oval 17

M North, E Harwood, P Carlyle, J Croft 11 lt P Cameron, L McKenzie, M Firman, G Mann 38. R Hutchinson, B Phelan, B Croft, P Considine 24 def T O’Farrell, J Harman, W Roberts, I Robinson 23. P Robinson, L Lock, D Denham, R Lock 16 lt K Nunn, E Kierce, L Sims, B Morris 30. W Slocombe, B Wilson, G Jenkins, E Kosloff 16 lt M Brown, J Hofstra, K Magrath, M Walton 26.

Linton 114 defeated Smeaton 75

P Wilson 19 lt P.  Kersley, G Toose, C McKee, G Pickering 25. C Grenfell 28 drew J McNaught, D Taylor, H Mizzeni, J Taylor 28. C Williams 30 def L Toose, K Clohesy, Greg May, D Toose 13. B Willams 37 def J Gervasoni, R Briggs, J Toose, R Mizzeni 9.

Avenue 94 defeated Sebastopol 89

J Higgins, A Hewitt, L Burke, S Sullivan 25 def J Dunn, B Lovett, G Green, W Bedggood 20. J Auty, G Stirling, T Bowtell, F Pomeroy 28 def P Adam, P Serno, N Ravenscroft, P Shaw 19. D Lyons, B Kamp, G Kay, B Hawken 16 lt D Parkinson, R Anning, I Harvey, P Lovell 35. L Robinson, I King, G Coughlan, M Russell 25 def G Worsley, M Mcdonnell, N Lloyd-Jones, C Neve 17.

Beaufort 88 defeated Webbcona 84

S Quixley, P Anderson, W Wereszczuk, S Wererszczuk 23 def T Clarke 16. J Cameron, L Quinton, D Stanaway, I Price 15 lt G Johnson 26. J Carson, B Hayes, V Dunn, C Tweddle 25 def W Pattie 24. L Pongo, C Milenkovic, R Quinton, S Pongho 25 def M Collins 18.

Ballarat East 82 lost to Waubra 88

P Dean 14 lt James Molloy, P Goldsmith, G Loader, L Steven 22. G Christie 14 lt J Stepnell, E Kennedy, N Peoples, P Kennedy 28. D Anwyl 28 def C Stepnell, J Coloe, B. Molloy, L Molloy 21. M Kay 26 def P Clark, L Kennedy, B Godfrey, J Ryan 17.



Invermay are the ladder leaders winning three rinks over Daylesford 105-84. Buninyong and Ballarat had quite a battle with the home side taking the win 88-84. BMS won three rinks against Ballan 103-73 locking in second spot on the table. City Oval had a three rink win over Clunes 105-97 while Victoria are now sitting third after defeating Ballarat North 94-88.

Invermay 105 defeated Daylesford 84

Buninyong 88 defeated Ballarat 84

BMS 103 defeated Ballan 73

City Oval 105 defeated Clunes 97

Ballarat North 88 lost to Victoria 94



Creswick won three rinks defeating Learmonth 117-69. Sebastopol moved up to second place defeating Avenue 101-84 but Avenue are currently sitting third on the ladder. Smeaton were victors over Linton 99-88 while Bungaree had a close game against Webbcona winning by three shots 93-90. Central Wendouree also had a close game against Midlands winning two rink and a draw 96-92. There are six teams in this division all within three points of each other. It’s a very open field.

Creswick 117 defeated Learmonth 69

Sebastopol 101 defeated Avenue 84

Smeaton 99 defeated Linton 88

Bungaree 93 defeated Webbcona 90

Central Wendouree 96 defeated Midlands 92



Victoria had a four rink win over City Oval 102-86 and BMS also secured a four rink win against Sebastopol 108-69 and are now third on the ladder. Mt Xavier defeated Buninyong by a nice round 100-70. Central Wendouree were victors over Avenue 111-68 staying ladder leaders, and Daylesford defeated Webbcona 91-73 to hold onto second overall.

Victoria 102 defeated City Oval 86

Sebastopol 69 lost to BMS 108

Mt Xavier 100 defeated Buninyong 70

Avenue 68 lost to Central Wendouree 111

Webbcona 73 lost to Daylesford 91



City Oval had a narrow win over Waubra 105-99 as did Smeaton against Creswick 90-85. Both games were very close. Learmonth defeated Sebastopol 135-75 winning all four rinks, as did Midlands against Beaufort 112-68. Midlands are now second on the table. Victoria also secured a four rink win over Ballarat East and are current ladder leaders.

Waubra 99 lost to City Oval 105

Creswick 85 lost to Smeaton 90

Learmonth 135 defeated Sebastopol 75

Beaufort 68 lost to Midlands 112

Ballarat East 76 lost to Victoria 102



Bungaree took home a three rink win against Victoria 99-71 and maintain top position. Sebastopol defeated Clunes 107-97. BMS had a win over Invermay 97-79 and find themselves in third place. Ballarat North won three rinks to defeat City Oval 103-77. Central Wendouree defeated Webbcona 138-57. The four-rink win puts them in second place.

Victoria 71 lost to Bungaree 99

Sebastopol 107 defeated Clunes 97

Invermay 79 lost to BMS 97

City Oval 77 lost to Ballarat North 103

Webbcona 57 lost to Central Wendouree 138



Ballan had a convincing win over Linton and now sit third on the ladder. Ballarat were strong against Sebastopol winning 111-69 securing second place. Buninyong had a close game against Mt Xavier 96 – 84 and sit atop the table.

Ballan 107 defeated Linton 65

Ballarat 111 defeated Sebastopol 69

Buninyong 96 defeated Mt Xavier 84



Daylesford defeated Buninyong 50-39 and are sitting second on the ladder. Ballarat and Buninyong had a close game with Ballarat winning 53-46. Smeaton defeated Ballarat North 61-26 placing them on top of the ladder. City Oval had a win against Learmonth 58-37 and Waubra defeated Central Wendouree 49-41 to claim third overall.

Daylesford 50 defeated Buninyong 39

Bungaree 46 lost to Ballarat 53

Smeaton 61 defeated Ballarat North 26

City Oval 58 defeated Learmonth 37

Central Wendouree 41 lost to Waubra 49