In the zone: Beryl Flynn, Division 4, playing for Sebastopol, shows the extreme focus required for such trying conditions as seen on Saturday. Photo: MICHELLE TAIT

Five Games Abandoned but interesting results

October 23, 2019 BY




SEBASTOPOL had a win over Mt Xavier 76-54 while BMS won all rinks in defeating Ballarat 72-54. Buninyong verses Learmonth was abandoned. Central Wendouree had a very close game against Creswick, the two-point win places them third on the ladder. Victoria had a three rink win against Webbcona and retain top spot. Webbcona are currently second.

Mt Xavier 54 lost to Sebastopol 76

P McGrath 21 d F Reus, S Topp, P Lovell, A Holland 16. D lamb 21 lt J Cameron, J Garvin, I Hedger, A Jones 25. P Morris 12 lt S Bottrell, N Sutherland, B Carter, I Warner 35.

BMS 72 defeated Ballarat 54

W Mason, L Trounce, A Bedggood, W Whitehead 21 d W Lenneke14. D Schreenan, D Lindsay, S McLean, M Sloper 25 d G Burke 19. R Dickinson, B Traill, D Berry, R Bedggood 26 d B Fother 21.

Buninyong v Learmonth – abandoned

Central Wendouree 74 defeated Creswick 72

C Johnson 25 d D Taylor-Irwin, M Booth, S Pope, G Flapper 23. C Wright 31 d E Huntley, R Cooper, T Blackburn, T Hedger 25. T Gutteridge 18 lt T Booth, J Mathews, G Antonio, A. Annear 24.

Victoria 77 defeated Webbcona 55

C Ford 24 lt F Clarke, H Worsley, K Eppinstall, T Lange. J Thomas 24 d C Steenhuis, R Barton, C Young, B McArthur 17. S Haynes 29 d R Brown, J Greive, N Mahoney, L McArthur 13.



City Oval were convincing winners over Linton 116-77 securing top spot. Smeaton had a good win defeating Avenue 91-84. Beaufort are now third on the ladder after beating Sebastopol 97-80. Webbcona and Waubra had a close tussle with Webbcona coming out victors 99-94. Waubra are sitting in second place. Midlands had a strong four rink win over Ballarat East 119-53.

City Oval 116 defeated Linton 77

M Brown, J Hofstra, K Magrath, M Walton 23 d C Williams 21. K Nunn, E Kierce, L Sims, B Morris 35 d B Williams 17. T O’Farrell, J Harman, W Roberts, I Robinson 20 lt P Wilson 25. P Cameron, L McKenzie, M Firman, G Mann 38 d C Grenfell 14.

Smeaton 91 defeated Avenue 84

  1. Kersley, G Toose, C McKee, G Pickering 26 d L Robinson, I King, G Coughlan, M Russell 20. J Toose, J McNaught, A McKee, J Taylor 16 lt I Walker, C Hawken, G Kay, B Hawken 18. G Perry, R Briggs, J Gervasoni, R Mizzeni 27 d J Higgins, A Hewitt, L Burke, S Sullivan 23. K Clohesy, G May, P Sewell, D Toose 22 lt J Auty, G Stirling, T Bowtell, F Pomeroy 23.

Sebastopol 80 lost to Beaufort 97

D Parkinson, R Anning, I Harvey, D Cassells 21 lt J Cameron, L Quinton, D Stanaway, I Price 22. J Dunn, W Matthews, P Shaw, W Bedggood 15 lt L Pongho, C Milenkovic, R Quinton, S Pongho25. G Worsley, M Mcdonnell, G Green, N Ravenscroft 20 lt S Quixley, P Anderson, W Wereszczuk, S Wereszczuk 24. S Cassells, P Serno, N Lloyd-Jones, C Neve 24 lt Carson, K Emmett, V Dunn, C Tweddle 26.

Webbcona 99 defeated Waubra 94

K Frost, M Collins, R Edwards, T Clarke 29 d J Molloy, P Goldsmith, G Loader, L Steven 18. S Braybrook, D Pattie, B Collins, W Pattie 20 lt J Coloe, B Molloy, L Kennedy, L Molloy 29. S Bromilow, S Cook, J Sheperd, G Johnson 17 lt J Stepnell, E Kennedy, N Peoples, P Kennedy 22. W Marshall, G Gullock, G van Kessel, M Collins 33 d J Skelton, P Clark, A Briody, J Ryan 25.

Midlands 119 defeated Ballarat East 53

M North, E Harwood, B Croft, J Croft 25 d D Anwyl 16. R Hutchinson, B Phelan, P Carl, P Considine 40 d M Kay 5. P Robinson, L Lock, D Denham, R Lock 32 d G Christie 15. W Slocombe, B Trezise, B Wilson, E Kosloff 22 d P Dean 17.



Invermay scrapped home against Buninyong and moved to second spot on the ladder. BMS had a four rink win over Ballarat. BMS have started the season strong and earned top spot. Ballan verses City Oval was abandoned. Clunes lost to Victoria 96-82 placing victors third on the ladder. Ballarat North had their first win for the season defeating Daylesford 100-91.

Invermay 87 defeated Buninyong 85

BMS 97 defeated Ballarat 70

Ballan v City Oval – abandoned

Clunes 82 lost to Victoria 96

Daylesford 91 lost to Ballarat North 100



Learmonth secured a win over Sebastopol 100-69. Avenue move up a spot and are now second on the ladder having defeated Smeaton 104-83. Bungaree and Linton had a mixed result with Bungaree victors 104-84 and are still ladder leaders. Webbcona and Midlands had a closer game, with the latter winning 94-87. Creswick were too strong for Central Wendouree 109-82 placing them third on the ladder.

Learmonth 100 defeated Sebastopol 69

Avenue 104 defeated Smeaton 83

Linton 84 lost to Bungaree 104

Webbcona 87 lost to Midlands 94

Creswick 109 defeated Central Wendouree 82



City Oval find themselves moving up the ladder victors by seven shots over a very competitive Sebastopol. BMS are now in second place defeating Mt Xavier 109-90. Buninyong verses Avenue was abandoned. Daylesford’s four rink win over Central Wendouree 98-74 makes them the new ladder leaders and a team to keep an eye on. Victoria had a very convincing win over Webbcona 124-61 and are sitting in third spot.

City Oval 100 defeated Sebastopol 93

BMS 109 defeated Mt Xavier 90

Buninyong v Avenue – abandoned

Central Wendouree 74 Lt Daylesford 98

Victoria 124 defeated Webbcona 61



City Oval proved too strong for Creswick. The solid four rink win moves them to top spot. They are definitely the team to watch out for in this division. Smeaton and Learmonth had mixed results with Smeaton victors by 10 shots 101-91. Sebastopol out played Beaufort 175-52 in a very solid four rink win. Midlands verses Victoria was abandoned. Victoria sit second and Midlands are third on the ladder. Waubra secured a win against Ballarat East 110-72.

City Oval 128 defeated Creswick 48

Smeaton 101 defeated Learmonth 91

Sebastopol 175 defeated Beaufort 52

Midlands v Victoria – abandoned

Waubra 110 defeated Ballarat East 72



Bungaree verses Sebastopol was abandoned, as was Victoria verses Webbcona. BMS jump two places and are the new ladder leaders having a solid win against Clunes 102-83. Invermay had a nice win over City Oval 104-73 and Ballarat North move into third place defeating Central Wendouree 119-69.

Bungaree v Sebastopol – abandoned

Clunes 83 lost to BMS 102

Invermay 104 defeated City Oval 73

Ballarat North 119 defeated Central Wendouree 69

Victoria v Webbcona – abandoned



Some very close games, Linton secured a three-shot victory over Ballarat 93-90. Sebastopol defeated Buninyong by six shots 100-94. Mt Xavier had a three rink win over Victoria 97-77. Midlands won by six shots defeating BMS 90-84. Midlands are now in second place. Ballan had a bye and are on top of the ladder.

Linton 93 defeated Ballarat 90

Sebastopol 100 defeated Buninyong 94

Mt Xavier 97 defeated Victoria 77

BMS 84 lost to Midlands 90



Buninyong verses Bungaree was abandoned. Learmonth gave a walkover to Waubra meaning they are sitting in second place. Daylesford received a walkover from Central Wendouree to become the ladder leaders. Ballarat defeated Smeaton 56-32 which pushes Smeaton down into third place. Ballarat North defeated City Oval 71-51.

Buninyong v Bungaree – abandoned

Ballarat 56 defeated Smeaton 32

Ballarat North 71 defeated City Oval 51

Learmonth walkover to Waubra

Daylesford walk over from Central Wendouree