Back in the saddle: There’s up to $1000 on off for sports clubs to help them return from COVID-19 lockdown. Photo: FILE

Money for clubs, comps and sports projects

May 28, 2020 BY

THE State government has opened up the Victorian Community Sport Sector Short-term Survival Package and it’s aimed at sport at all levels.

There’s $100 million statewide for range of activities aimed at helping sports and sporting bodies either keep the lights on, get ready to return from COVID-19 lockdown, or for capital works projects that are ready to go.

Across the state 12,000 clubs and associations can now apply for a slice of $40 million to assist with running costs and getting players back out on the court, field or in the pool.

Meanwhile there’s $10 million on offer for local councils that have the backing of relevant sporting agencies for “shovel-ready” projects.

“Community sport plays such a vital role in the lives and wellbeing of so many Victorians, and that’s why we are getting behind our clubs,” said Minister for Community Sport Ros Spence.

“This is making it that little bit easier to pay the bills as we start to train again and move cautiously towards a return to the park.

“We will back projects that have the support of their community, will create jobs and provide real benefits.”

There’s also up to $350,000 for large state sporting associations, up to $200,000 for smaller state sporting associations, regional sports assemblies and academies, and other state sport and recreational bodies, up to $15,000 for associations and leagues and up to $1,000 for individual clubs.

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