Champs: 2019 CHFL premiers Waubra. Photos: ALISTAIR FINLAY

‘Roos crush ‘Burra to claim premiership

September 11, 2019 BY
Waubra coach Matt James and captain Tom Nash lift the cup.

WAUBRA have emphatically claimed their first Bendigo & Rural Bank Central Highlands Football League senior’s flag in over a decade, destroying Hepburn at Mars Stadium on Saturday.

The Kangaroos took the game, and their opponents, by the scruff of the neck early in the first quarter and never really let go, running out 14.13 (97) to 6.9 (45) winners.

“It’s very special,” said Wabura captain Thomas Nash. “We’re very, very proud.

“We knew we needed to have a good start and we we’re luckily enough to kick with the wind at the beginning, so we put the pressure on early.

“Hepburn are one of those sides that can be whatever they want. From whatever position they can come back and give you a run for your money. So we knew that we’d have to be on to them all day.”

Best on ground, James Lukich, celebrates after a late goal.

Things may have been different if ‘Burra hadn’t struck the post 30 seconds after the first bounce. But they were, and Nash took control a minuate later and slotted home an easy goal. From there Waubra went onto kick two more majors before Bradley McKay was able to crumb off a loose ball in Hepburn’s forward 50, streak in and boot the Burra’s only major of the quarter. Waubra then got another two late and asserted their authority over the game.

The second quarter saw the score keepers not often troubled, although Hepburn did have a few early chances to right their ship. Half-way through Waubra were able to put together probably the best piece of play for the game, with multiple quick handballs and a whole of team effort leading to Austin Murphy kicking truly from about 35m out. The ‘Roos again showed mean skill close to the half-time siren, with good ball movement ending up in Joshua Crawford alone in the goal square and Waurba going into the rooms 35-points up.

Despite a mini comeback, of sorts, Hepburn proved the rule: you can’t win grand finals by scoring only one goal in two quarters. Two goals midway through the third was 100 per cent more scoring than the ‘Burra had managed in the first-half, but that effort was off-set by Waubra’s four. By the time the premiership quarter was over the ‘Roos lead was out to 44.

Defeat and victory

Garbage time started early with Waubra running rampant in the last, booting two goals early and again dominating their now visibly dispirited opponents. Hepburn managed to get one back around the 11-minute mark. From there is was all Waubra, with best on ground, James Lukich, slotting home a peach from hard on the boundary.

“It’s unbelievable, super excited. It was a great game,” said Waubra coach, Matt James after the final siren. “We just kept our eye on the prize and the four-quarter effort was outstanding.


Central Highlands Football League




Jackson Kinna keeps focus as he’s dragged down by Daniel O’Halloran.

Waubra 14.13 (97)

Hepburn 6.9 (45)

Goals – Waubra – Austin Murphy 4, James Lukich 2, William Booth 2, Thomas Nash 1, Joshua Crawford 1, John Coleman 1, Andrew Wettenhall 1, Dean Robertson 1, Darcy Jenkins 1

Hepburn – Samuel Dunstan 2, Izaac Grant 1, Tommy Horne 1, Mitchell McKay 1, Bradley McKay 1

Best – Waubra – Austin Murphy, Thomas Nash, James Lukich, Jackson Kinna, Ben Wilson, James Petrie

Hepburn – Ken Cummings, Segifili Asa Leausa, Tommy Horne, Daniel O’Halloran, Nathan Dunstan, Ned Johns


Daniel O’Halloran takes a big hit.



Creswick 8.1 (49)

Springbank 5.8 (38)

Goals – Creswick – Ryan Knowles 2, Zackary Lubeek 2, Michael Griffin 1, Brett Hagen 1, Toby Goss 1, Paul Phillips 1

Springbank – Travis Toohey 2, Callum Winter 1, Karl Maher 1, Colin Vaughan 1

Best – Creswick – Dean Romeril, Michael Griffin, Paul Hofman, Mitchell Gervasoni, Jacob Plier, Jacob Hepworth

Springbank – Mitchell Hodge, Terence Maher, James Waller, Simon Quinlan, Tynan Haintz




Gordon 13.7 (85)

Buninyong 6.11 (47)

Goals – Gordon – Connor Ascough 5, Lucas Blazko 2, Bailey Colligan 2, Lucas Edmonds 1, Lachlan Reynolds 1, Benjamin Frazer 1, Ash McKenzie 1

Buninyong – Luke Cullen 3, Jack Atkinson 1, Seamus Dunne 1, Lachlan Atkinson 1

Best – Gordon – Connor Ascough, Lucas Blazko, Bailey Colligan, Benjamin Frazer, Luke Dobler, Lachlan Cain-Sultana

Buninyong – Nicholas Pantzidis, Hunter Donald, Jack Atkinson, Max Wood, Lochlan Stewart, Harry O’Keane




Gordon 6.10 (46)

Springbank 1.4 (10)

Goals – Gordon – Jack Johnston 1, Darcy Frantz 1, Tyson Young 1, Tyler Pike 1, Daniel Pascoe 1, Cameron Reynolds 1

Springbank – Joseph Gregory 1

Best – Gordon – Cameron Reynolds, Daniel Pascoe, Jack Johnston, Darcy Frantz, Jake Cardona, Jyii Grayson Ferris

Springbank – Ryan Maher, Brock Prendergast, Toby Rieniets, Billy Hanrahan, Iszac King, William Britt