Geelong Pest Control: setting the standard in customer service

May 3, 2024 BY

Times News Group managing director Warick Brown (left) and Geelong Pest Control operations manager, Mitch Bogard. Photo: ALAN BARBER

At Geelong Pest Control, setting a benchmark in the industry begins with a morning bench-press—a literal and metaphorical push towards excellence.

This commitment has led to their 2023 accolade at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards, where they were honoured with the Customer Service Award, sponsored by the publishers of this masthead, the Times News Group.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services targeting general pests and termites, ensuring tailored solutions that consider the unique needs of each customer.

Geelong Pest Control Managing Director Shaun Preston said every aspect of what they do is based on the customer’s experience, from the first phone call through to the aftercare.

At Geelong Pest Control setting the benchmark begins with a bench-press. Photo: SUPPLIED


“It’s about seeing things from the client’s perspective, not just what we expect from them. We ensure they’re informed throughout the process, reducing any stress about what comes next,” Mr Preston said.

Winning this award not only celebrates their dedication but also sets a high standard within the industry.

“Being recognised is huge, and it’s nice to be celebrated for something we’ve always prioritised,” Mr Preston said. “It also holds us accountable to maintain those standards.”

The award has heightened expectations from clients and the community, reinforcing the company’s commitment to excellence.

Looking ahead, Geelong Pest Control remains focused on improvement and innovation.

“We’re constantly evolving, always looking to refine our operations and enhance clarity in our services based on client feedback,” Mr Preston said.

This approach ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry, continuously raising the bar for service quality.

Team dynamics play a crucial role in their success, with a strong emphasis on a familial workplace culture.

“We start our days with group workouts, fostering a strong team connection. This translates into positive energy that our clients can feel immediately,” he noted.

Regular family gatherings further strengthen their team spirit, creating a supportive and interconnected environment.

For businesses aspiring to similar recognition, Mr Preston advises focusing on the ‘why’ behind their actions.

“It’s important to show that you care about your community and team. People don’t just buy what you do; they buy why you do it,” he concluded.

Entries to the GBEA will remain open until 4pm on Friday, July 12. For more information, head to gbea.com.au