The platypus will look at you

December 8, 2021 BY

Recent lightning storms put the spotlight on Rochester’s newest piece of silo art. Photo: CAMERON DAVID LOVERING

PAINTED by international artist D’vate, a third silo in Rochester’s silo art program, a platypus, is now complete.

The platypus is one of the most unusual and interesting animals in the world, can be found at various locations along the Campaspe River at Rochester in Northern Victoria.

D’vate was the artist who in 2018 turned unused GrainCorp silos into a tourist attraction in the middle of Rochester on the Northern Highway.

Rochester is 25 minutes south of Echuca and 45 minutes north of Bendigo.

“The platypus is looking at you!  It is truly amazing,” said Kate Taylor, local Rochester resident.

GrainCorp are a major supporter of this initiative.

“GrainCorp is proud to work with communities to grow the Australian Silo Art Trail, and the mural at Rochester brings a lot of joy to locals and tourists alike,” said Jess Simons, manager, corporate affairs, GrainCorp.

“We are very excited to see so many community members from all across Australia visit this wonderful piece of artwork as they travel the country throughout the summer months.

“The platypus is such a special Australian animal.”

This Murray–Darling Basin Economic Development Program project received funding from the Australian Government.

The local community raised the remainder of the money needed to complete the artwork.

In January this year, the Victorian Government announced they were taking urgent action to protect the platypus with the global icon now officially a threatened species and listed as vulnerable in Victoria.

This new artwork highlights the very loved Australian species.