Time warp: Everything sixties is on display at the Post Office Gallery until August. Photo: JONATHON MAGRATH

Go back in time at new exhibition

May 2, 2021 BY
Experience the 1960s with a collection of memorabilia and stories from locals at the Post Office Gallery.

Modern Revolution – Bendigo and the 1960s gives visitors an insight into the decade or major social and political change,

Bendigo Art Gallery director Jessica Bridgfoot said the presentation is a window into the past.

“The exhibition steps back in time to capture fascinating local stories, including how the first set of traffic lights in Mitchell Street saw people driving around the block for another chance to use them,” she said.

“It reveals what was happening at the time in the world – nuclear war was a very real threat, the twist was the new dance craze, Australia became involved in the Vietnam war and the contraceptive pill changed the lives of many women.

“It also highlights the significant change for First Nations peoples from across Australia when political shifts in policy moved towards recognition of Indigenous rights.”

Clothing, kitchenware, board games and books are all part of the collection signifying the important period in Bendigo and Australia’s history.

Guest curator Euan McGillivray interviewed residents who lived in Bendigo in the 1960s for the exhibition.

Mr McGillivray has over thirty-five years’ experience as a museum curator and manager and we’ll host a panel event for the exhibition in June.

Modern Revolution – Bendigo and the 1960s is a free exhibition running until Sunday, 29 August at the Post Office Gallery.