Passion for sustainable fashion

January 29, 2022 BY

In fashion: Jessica Marouche launched The Civic Wardrobe Bendigo to promote sustainable fashion practices to the community. Photo: KATIE MARTIN

A SUSTAINABILITY hub is in the making at The Old Church on the Hill, and one woman is leading the charge to tackle the issues found in our wardrobes.

Jessica Marouche launched The Civic Wardrobe Bendigo earlier this month, an initiative aimed at sharing ways people can live a less wasteful life including clothing swaps and alterations classes.

Having been an op shopper all her life, Ms Marouche said sustainability in was fashion was a personal value.

“Part of it is, for me, not wanting to engage in that mainstream economy as much as possible because I know that it’s just wanting me to consume more and more instead of appreciating what I’ve got,” she said.

“That’s what we did with the community pantry and that’s what we’re doing with this, we’re trying to encourage people to think about how they can avoid buying anything new in the first place.

“We’re going to have a lot of upcycling projects as well to deal with the items that are unlikely to be worn again.”

The program’s first clothing swap was held last Monday, and other activities will include social and after school mending sessions and a for hire wardrobe.

Ms Marouche has also led the Old Church’s community pantry for the past six years, which is set for an upgrade with a $50,000 Sustainability Victoria grant.

She said building a community of people with a sustainable mindset could help people make better choices in their daily lives.

“What I like about this is resourcefulness and the idea that we have opportunities every day to do things a little bit different with our food or our clothing,” she said.

“It’s an educational space where we’re not telling you the information, you’re finding it out yourself just by engaging in this creative space where you get to be part of a community that thinks differently.”

To get involved or become a volunteer, search The Civic Wardrobe Bendigo on Facebook.