Rhapsody: Taylor Chisholm and Liam Brown play main characters Scaramouche and Galileo in Bendigo Theatre Company’s We Will Rock You. Photo: SUPPLIED

The show must rock on

June 12, 2021 BY
THE cast and crew of Bendigo Theatre Company’s production of We Will Rock You is more than ever channelling their inner Queen, as the show must go on despite COVID-19 restrictions.

Forced off stage due to last week’s snap lockdown, the cast and crew have been dealing of ways to prepare the show, set to open 8 July, with density quotas in place.

Creative director Paul Watson said stress levels have been high, but the entire team has handled the everchanging situation well.

“Once those restrictions started to ease it became chaotic,” he said.

“Myself and the committee at BTC rallied together quickly to try and organise what everybody’s schedules were from, not just cast and creative team but set builders and everyone like that.”

“it’s been a crazy juggling exercise but the whole team has pulled together incredibly well and are trying to forge ahead and keep momentum knowing we’ve got an end day coming up when the show needs to be ready.”

Watson said he is excited they will hopefully be able to start full run throughs this weekend, however the main cast has struggled with the interruptions.

“A lot of people use community theatre as an outlet to stay social and to be active,” he said.

“There has been a lot of concern and a lot of down energy regarding that and so we’re just trying to organise our way through as many small extra rehearsals as we can.

“We’ve actually managed to get ahead of the schedule which is quite extraordinary.”

The cast has been given homework to stay on track Watson said, which has included learning songs and choreography using backing tracks.

Ensemble members have even been designing their own costumes for their Bohemian characters, the rebels of a dystopian future where rock music is outlawed.

“In order for them to build their Bohemian character, all of our cast are actually building their own costume for that one character so that it’s a very personal costume, something they have a lot of input in,” Watson said.

While the cast rallies and adapts, Watson said they are still feeling the effects of restrictions in Melbourne.

“We’ve got a musical director that’s locked down in Melbourne so we’re doing everything we can to get him in to regional Victoria when we can do it safely,” he said.

Despite all that Watson said he is confident the show will run to full capacity and is urging people to buy tickets and send their best wishes to the entire company.

“It’s looking spectacular, and I think Bendigo is in for a great treat,” he said. “We need arts, and we need that good feeling and to be entertained and have good fun.

“There’s lots going on so just good wishes and any help and buying tickets and all those wonderful things that just keep community theatre going for everybody in Bendigo.”